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Doll News 2011

Les Celebrations des Poupees Getting to know the 2011 UFDC Convention Souvenir Artist

Doll Makers Workshop August/September 2001 Vol.16 No.3

Clarissa Oriental Bru Headpiece

Doll Crafter Costuming December 2009

The Enchanting A3T "Silver"

Doll Makers Workshop April/May 1998 Vol.13 No.1

Doll Makers Workshop August/September 1994 Vol.9 No.3

Doll Crafter August 1997

Doll Crafter Feburary 1994

Doll Crafter February 1999

Button Willow and His Woodland Friends

Doll Crafter November 1999

Jester on a Vintage Spool

Doll Makers Workshop June/July 1996 Vol.11 No.2

Scarlette as a Victorian Bride Vanessa

Doll Makers Workshop October/November 1999 Vol.14 No.4

Bru Rattle Marotte Steiner Jester Jesters's Companion Gets A Hat Meredith
Special Shoes For The Jester Pan - A Button Willow Variation Costuming Snowflake

Doll Makers Workshop September/October 2001 Vol.15 No.4

Restoring an Antique Bru

Doll Makers Workshop December/January 1995-96 Vol.10 No.5

An Antique Reproduction bru 15

Doll Makers Workshop December/January 200-01 Vol.15 No.5

My Love Affair with the Mein Liebling K R 117

Doll Crafter May 2002

Mildred Seeley's World Doll Day